WX Symbols

Thunderstorm Wind.png

What is a map without gradients  to go along with it? Here you can find anything and everything to take your maps to the next level to make them look professional. Gradients for rain and snow, tropical graphics and much more. Comes in .PSDs and .PNGs so they can be edited in Photoshop or any photo editing software.

What You're Getting
  • SPC colored Thunderstorm categories

  • 5 different wind gradients for any situation

  • Ice/Freezing rain gradient

  • 6 different snowfall gradients for any situation

  • Radar gradients for; rain, snow, freezing rain and sleet

  • Tropical icons for every category hurricane, tropical storm, tropical depression and low pressure

  • 4 different rainfall gradients for any situation

  • Dewpoint gradient

  • Heat index gradient

  • Wind chill gradient

These gradients go beautifully with any map. Looking for a map to use these with? Check out our map package!

About Wx Graphics


Wx Graphics was founded by Michael Barletta, a student at UAlbany studying to become a meteorologist. It all started with an interest in weather and mapping and the rest is history. Any good meteorologist has a good way of presenting data and forecasts and that's the goal of Wx Graphics.


Many people asked how to make those maps and that gave me the idea of starting my own company to distribute them. No longer do you have to try and make your own map in difficult photo editing programs. Wx Graphics has it all!