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Strong Storm to Soak Northeast this Week! 4/16

A strong storm will stall to our west and provide the northeast with some heavy rain and possibly some strong winds as well. This is the same storm that will terrorize the southeast with wind, rain, tornadoes and hail.

A storm is currently developing around the Rocky mountains and will slowly traverse eastward this week. The storm will arrive from west to east overnight Friday into Saturday, but not before affecting the southeast with some severe weather. This storm will likely produce heavy rain all across the eastern third of the country and will be aided by a strong lower level jet stream.

The jetstream will be very strong, exceeding hurricane force windspeeds just a few thousand feet above sea level. Notice how the jet stream starts in the Gulf of Mexico, that wind will be responsible for transporting warm moist air into our region. That Gulf air is saturated with water and will make for a lot of rainfall. I think models are currently under doing the specific amount of rain. My rainfall forecast will come out Thursday along with my weekend outlook. The strong jetstream will also provide a way for stronger winds to make it down to the surface, especially if any thunderstorms develop. The heavier rain will push the stronger winds down to the surface causing isolated damaging wind.

The map above shows the type of storm we are dealing with. This is usually something we see in winter and not so much come spring. A large Upper Level Low like this in the springtime is not too common. However, being on the eastern flank of this storm means a few things. Heavy rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. The warm moist air and strong jetstream make this a prime candidate for some thunderstorms to develop along the east coast on Saturday. More updates will follow!