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Spring to Take Over this Week! Close Call for Coastal Storm! 3/31

As winter has come to a close Spring has really begun to take over and that will be evident this week as temperatures rise and we talk about rain instead of snow. Keep reading for all the latest on this weeks weather!


A cold front will sweep trough Monday morning and deliver a taste of winter to the region as a weak coastal storm exits. there may be some spotty snow showers or flurries throughout the region otherwise no precipitation is expected. A high pressure will dominate an bring some slightly below average temperatures along with it. Highs will hover in the mid to high 30s and lower 40s. The saving grace of the day will be that it will be rather sunny the whole day with a high pressure.

Overnight clouds will roll in and temperatures will drop down to right below the freezing mark. No rain or snow is currently expected.


Highs will rebound on Tuesday to feel much more spring like. Temperatures will rise to right around 50 for the northeast with slightly lower temperatures further north. Highs will be a few ticks above the normal temperature for this time of year. It would likely be much warmer if the sun was able to come out but clouds will start to roll in from the west as the high pressure that kept us dry and chilly on Monday will depart to the east. No rain or snow is expected however the clouds will be produced by a weak from to the north causing some snow in Canada and a brewing storm system to our south.

Temperatures overnight will fall into the mid to high 30s near 40 in urban areas. Cloud cover will be abundant as a low pressure starts to strengthen and move northward.


Wednesday will be tricky as a strong nor'easter is projected to just brush the area during the day. If it ticks west slightly strong winds and heavy rain will be a common theme and maybe even some snow. However right now the pattern is just a bit too progressive and models are showing the storm will just barley miss a phase with the northern and southern branch. Regardless windy conditions and high surf will occur even if the storm passes out to sea. Highs would not be supportive of snow besides maybe in the early morning. However I'm sure many of you would want this storm to pass as if it does highs will soar into the 60s with plenty of sunshine creating a truly beautiful spring day! If it does not, highs will stay in the low 50s with clouds heavy rain and strong winds. I am currently leaning towards the nicer solution as it makes more sense to me in the pattern but the storm is trending further west. I will keep watching and likely write a new blog on my updates thoughts tomorrow as new information becomes available.

Overnight a temperature gradient will set up causing highs north of New Jersey to be around freezing while south of there will be in the 40s.


On Thursday a weak front will produce some rain and snow. Just north it will be chilly with snow and just south will be warm creating a difficult forecast. Right now models have the front and the extent of the precipitation to be in northern Pennsylvania. If this varies the temperature forecast will be drastically different as any rain would keep temperatures lower than forecasted. Right now I believe New York City will be around where the front dives down and sets up causing high temperatures south of there in the high 50s and low 60s with temperatures just north getting into the high 40s and low 50s. Temperatures will struggle to get higher than that as clouds will block out much of the sun.

Overnight rain will spread out through the northeast and some snow will likely mix in north. Lows will be in the low to mid 30s with mid 40s in southern New Jersey.