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Rain and Snow to Linger into Friday. Beautiful Weather Sunday! Weekend 3/21

What will start out a a rainy and snow beginning of the weekend, will end on a positive note! Today is the first full day of spring even though it will feel more like the start of winter in the northeast. Wit high temperatures well below normal our first real taste of spring likely will not come until the end of the weekend.


Friday will feel much more like winter than the start of spring as rain transitions to snow across much of the region. Rain will enter from south to north late Thursday night into early Friday morning. It will be heavy at times especially towards coastal areas. As the low deepens, winds will slowly start to pick up and be gusting into the 40s through much of the area. As the low moves north, rain will transition to snow in the upper elevations of northeast Pennsylvania first then everywhere else second. When the low pulls away, left will be some moisture as well as cold temperatures supplied by a wind blowing in from a cold air source north of the region. This will cause gusty winds as well as some accumulating snowfall in high elevations away fro the coast. Rain will be over by many during Friday afternoon however there will be some left over showers and sprinkles. Highs will top out around 50 closer to the coast with highs just north and west of there in the mid to high 40's. In higher elevations and areas well away from the water highs will be rather chilly in the mid 30's, prompting the changeover to snow eventually.

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Overnight Friday there will be some leftover snow, some of which will likely accumulate especially for areas further north and west. Winds will be quite breezy as our low continues to strengthen away from the area. Winds will pick up and gust into the mid 40s overnight and with some snow falling that can create reduced visibility and dangerous conditions. Lows will drop to the mid 20s.


Early morning Saturday snow will likely be falling north of New York City. Very minor accumulations are possible. Winds will stay gusty as it blows the snow south east. Any snow will likely be over by early afternoon but the windy conditions will persist throughout the day. Highs will only reach the mid to upper 30s with some low 40s for central and southern New Jersey. These highs range from 1-3 degrees below normal for this time of year and certainly do not feel spring like.

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Overnight Saturday no more snow is expected, with lows dipping a few degrees below the freezing mark. The strong winds will finally begin to subside overnight as the pressure gradient lessens across the region.


Sunday will be a mid spring like day across the whole area. A huge rebound from Friday and Saturday. Highs are expected to jump into the mid 50s for the entire region with some areas nearing 60 degrees or possibly even higher. These will be a good 4-10 degrees F above normal for this early in spring. The abundance of sunshine that will be present on Sunday makes me believe that models will under do the high temperature forecast which is why I am leaning towards the warmer side. No rain is expected to impact the area as a ride keeps us dry. Clouds will move in late afternoon as a low pressure develops well off to our west.

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Overnight Sunday not much should be expected in the way of precipitation however clouds will block the night sky. Low temperatures will be above normal for this time of year in the mid to high 30s.