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Snow and Wind to Highlight this Week. Your Weekly Outlook. 2/24

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

This week will feature a bit of everything, from powerful wind that will cause some scattered power outages, to some rain and snow mid week followed by some warmer temperatures. Stay up to date with my latest blog detailing the weather for every day this week!


Monday will be a day to dry out as our powerful storm system departs to our north and west. With this departure will bring powerful winds as a strong pressure gradient develops and will likely cause some, especially those closer to the coast and in higher elevations to lose power. I wrote an in depth bog about this event and it's damaging potential here! Down below I posted my maximum wind gust forecast for Monday.

Highs on Monday will be rather chilly, barley reaching freezing in New York City while it will be 35 in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Highs will struggle to hit 20 in northeastern Pennsylvania and the hills of Massachusetts and will only be in the mid 20's elsewhere. As our storm system departs it will leave behind some precipitation and strong winds. These strong winds and moist atmosphere will help develop some snow squalls that will be focused mainly north of New York City. Only a dusting or light coating is expected for areas that do get impacted.

Overnight Monday temperatures will get down into the single digits further north and with the wind still relativity strong wind chills will go below 0 for many. Even New York City and Philadelphia will make it down to the mid teens overnight with slightly warmer temperatures further south and east.


High temperatures on Tuesday will likely not hit the freeing point north of Philadelphia and will only be in the mid teens in higher elevations further north. A seasonably cold day for sure. Temperatures will be ranging from 4-8 degrees below average. It will at least be a sunny day for most with spotty clouds further south. No precipitation is expected.

Overnight Tuesday temperatures will be nearly identical to Monday nights lows except maybe a touch warmer as a storm system begins to develop further west of the region.


Highs on Wednesday will once again be seasonably cool with north of New York City not going above freezing. It will be a nice dry day for the region with temperatures hitting the lower forties in southern portions of the region. The morning hours will features an abundance of sunshine however clouds will move in later in the day as some snow likely moves into the region by nightfall.

Overnight Wednesday is a very tricky forecast and I will be writing another blog with more in depth thoughts later today. As of right now I believe New York City on south will go above freeing and see little wintry precipitation while north of those areas will see some snow and ice during the overnight hours into Thursday. Some models also have a much more potent system dropping more snow. As of right now I like a 2-5" event from central Connecticut on northward. More on that later today. Stay tuned!


Thursday will feature some snow for eastern areas in the morning with clearing later in the day. Later in the afternoon there will be breaks of sunshine as our storm system departs and high pressure begins to develop. Highs will likely rebound in the low to mid 40s for southern areas while highs will be cooler in areas that just received snowfall. It is a tricky temperature forecast because if not much accumulates, temperatures have the potential to hit 50s in some areas and everyone will likely at least get above the freezing mark, however if the storm is south and snowier, temperatures may struggle to get above the upper 30s in even southern most areas and only be in the mid 20s further north. Right now I split the middle.

Lows will be in the low 30s for areas further south and east while in the 20s for higher elevations further north. No precipitation is expected.


Friday is likely to be seasonably mild with highs in the mid 30s for the whole region with an exception for southern New Jersey which will be in the low to mid 40's. It will be a cloudy day with little chance to see sunshine as multiple storm systems slide to our south and east. With no cold air in place all of the precipitation will be rain.

Overnight temperatures will rise a few degrees from the daytime highs as a storm cuts to the west of the region and the warm from will bring rain and wind to the area.

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