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Wet and Stormy Weekend Ahead for the Northeast. (Your Weekend Update) 2/21

After a few rounds of winter weather struck the northeast this past week we will see a break from the snow for the time being. Two nice days to start will be followed by a big rain and wind maker come the end of the weekend. Read to find out more!


Friday is going to stay dry for 99%of the covered region. The one exception here may be extreme southern New Jersey which will see a shower or sprinkle sometime midday. It will be a mostly cloudy day from New York City on south with peaks of sunshine north of there. High temperatures will hover in the low to mid 40s for areas closer to the coast with highs only reaching the mid to high 30s in the higher elevations of Massachusetts and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Overnight Friday lows will crash to freezing towards the coast with lows in the low to mid 20s away from coastal areas. No precipitation is expected as a strong 1035mb high pressure enters the region and pushed precipitation south.


Saturday will be a nearly exact repeat of Friday except maybe a touch colder for most areas. Highs will be in the low to mid 40's for most places further south and closer to the coast with highs virtually the same across higher elevations in the mid to high 30s. Rain will be entering the region starting in the late afternoon as high pressure departs and a low pressure begins to develop bringing warmer temperatures. There may be a touch of ice to start for the highest elevations before a quick changeover to rain.

Overnight Saturday will feature a lot of rain and some frozen precipitation for northeast Pennsylvania and the hills of Massachusetts. Lows will be in the mid to high 30s for all except the areas just outlined which will hover on either side of freezing.


Sunday will be an extension of Saturday night will rain featuring for most during the morning and clearing out from west to east starting during the afternoon hours.

The pressure gradient that is going to be caused by the strengthening low pressure cutting west of the region and a high pressure offshore will create intense winds on Sunday. These winds will be amplified when in stronger cells of rain and could possibly gust as high as 50-60mph especially closer to the coast. Highs will likely soar into the mid to high 50s as the storm system drags a warm front to the north. Further north of New York city highs will be in the low 40s with highs near freezing in the hills of Massachusetts.

Overnight the as the storm system clears out lows will drop to either side of the freezing mark with party cloudy skies. Some showers may still be present further north.

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