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Winter Weather Headlines this Weeks Outlook. Your Weekly Outlook 2/18

Over the course of the next week there are two potential storms that will bring snow, sleet, rain and ice to most of the region. Overall temperature wide the first half of the week will be seasonably average before we have a good warm up by the end of the week to help melt all the snow that feel in the previous days.


Monday has already been largely covered because an impact winter storm is set to hit the region with snow and ice. To read my in depth blog detailing my thoughts click here.


Tuesday is going to be mainly dry as high pressure sets in after our winter storm departs. Highs will be seasonably cold ranging from 3-5 degrees F below normal. The thermometer will struggle to hit the freezing mark even in New York City and the warmest areas in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey will only be in the mid 30s. Highs will be in the teens in elevated areas in Massachusetts, New York and northern New Jersey/Pennsylvania. In the Valleys and lower elevations temperatures will be in the low to mid 20s near 30 closer to the coast.

Overnight temperatures will only drop about 5 degrees as the high pressure begins to depart and warmer air starts to make its way north. No precipitation is likely.


Wednesday is going to be another day where a wintry mess will likely impact the whole area. A blog will be posted on this tomorrow detailing my thoughts, however I think there will likely be front end heavy snow for southern areas especially before warmer air intrudes bringing ice sleet and rain. Although warmer air will makes its way into the region southern areas will have the best shot at accumulation because a strong band of lifting looks to set up around Washington D.C. and making its way to New York City before dying out due to dry air out ahead of the system. The band will bring heavy snow as the lifting will cool the column enough to keep those under it as snow for at least a few hours. The NAM shows the band making its way through the region throughout the day Wednesday into Thursday.

Snow totals are still to be determined and will be discussed more later today after our Sunday-Monday system moves through and there is a clearer picture on how this system evolves.


Temperatures will likely soar to a spring like feel on Thursday as the storm that brought rain snow and ice to the region Wednesday floods all levels of our atmosphere with warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. All models are currently in general agreement on the temperature forecast, suggesting southernmost areas make it into the low 50s, with NYC metro in the mid to high 40s with northernmost areas in the low 40s.

Rain will persist for most during the morning on Thursday as well as into the early afternoon for northeastern most areas. During the morning expect the hills of Connecticut and Massachusetts to still be dealing with frozen precipitation so the morning commute on Thursday may be a bit rough to start.

Overnight on Thursday lows will drop to right around freezing so any standing water from the rainstorm will likely freeze creating slippery travel in some areas.


Friday looks to be a seasonably average day with no rain or snow expected. Highs will be in the low to mid 40's from southern New Jersey to New York City. North of there highs will be on either side of the 40 degree mark. The sun should be out for most making it a nice day although some clouds can be expected further south.

Low temperatures will be in the teens and 20s with no precipitation currently expected.

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