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Seasonably Average Weekend on tap for the Northeast. Your Weekend Update! 2/14


Friday is going to be a seasonably warm day across all of the region. Highs will feel like early spring with southern areas expected to each up to the mid to high 50s. Even northern areas in Connecticut and Massachusetts will easily surpass the freezing mark into the mid 40s with cooler air trapped in the valleys and mountains. Some rain will be present during the day especially further north where a weak low pressure will cut west of the region and bring some rain along with it. It will not be a washout as I am expecting just spotty showers with a brief period of steadier rain during the afternoon hours for all. Overall not a terrible day if the showers dodge your area. Overnight lows will be in the mid 20s away from the shore and right around freezing on the coastline.


Saturday will go back to being much more winter like with highs of 10-15 degrees lower than the day prior. The freezing mark will only make it about 100 miles inland. Some coastal regions may near the 40 degree mark with areas just slightly inland will experience highs in the mid 30s. There will not be any rain or snow present throughout the day as a high pressure begins to establish itself. Unfortunately, the sun will likely be hidden behind the clouds for the majority of the day and will limit any daytime warming. There are chance for breaks of sunshine further north where the high pressure is more dominant. Lows overnight will hover in the teens and low 20s for the whole area and a touch warmer at the coast.


Sunday will only be a touch warmer than the day prior. Temperatures will be in the low 40s at the coastline with slightly cooler temperatures further inland. The furthest northwest part of the coverage area will likely barely make it above freezing specifically in northeastern Pennsylvania and northern Connecticut. It will be a dry day with mostly if not fully sunny skies everywhere. Overnight lows will hover right around the freezing mark on the coastline with temperatures dropping to the mid 20s further inland.