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Dangerous Windchills to take Aim at the Northeast Thursday

A round of exceptionally cold and dangerous Siberian air is making its way into the northeast this week. Many areas will see normal temperature departures of 20-30 degrees below normal later this week. These departures leave us with high for much of northern New Jersey, northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York and northern Connecticut struggling to get out of the single digits with wind chills likely not making it above 0. Nighttime lows should be from -10 to 0 degrees in the areas mentioned above while coastal areas and southern interior areas have highs of 15-25 degrees with nighttime lows from 5 to 15 degrees.

Attached above is my windchill forecast for early Thursday am. These forecasted windchills will make anyone get frostbite on exposed skin in mere minutes. Up north windcills of -20 or below are particularly dangerous. Further south, whindchill values will be mostly in the -10s and -0s towards I-95 major cities as well as coastal areas. The cold will not last too long though and although it will be a chilly Friday as well as a cold weekend the northeast will experience a mini warm-up early next week as temperatures soar into the 50's. Stay tuned as there is some snow in the forecast Friday and possibly a storm brewing for next week.

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